Q&A: The Como Brothers

Here’s a Q&A with a few members of ‘The Como Brothers’! To hear more about them, visit: http://www.comobrothersband.com/

Q: Who are some of you influences?

Matt: In general we are inspired a lot by the blues. Anytime blues music comes on our ears perk up and we just love it. BB King, Stevie Ray, Clapton, etc. We also just love great songwriting: Lennon and McCartney, John Mayer, Dave Grohl. Although we love all of these guys we don’t want to have their sound, we really are trying to make an original Como Brothers sound that people can relate to.

Andrew: My parents exposed us to music at a very young age so I have grown up being influenced by The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Billy Joel. Now my influences have grown to include The Foo Fighters, BB King, Stevie Ray, Clapton, etc. My song writing influences are Lennon and McCartney, John Mayer, Dave Grohl.

Justin: My influences range from a vast array of musicians. Kenny Aronoff, Buddy Rich, Jojo Mayer, Dennis Chambers, Russ Miller, Luis Conte, Taku Hirano, Tito Puente and Benny Greb are some of my favorite drummers and percussionists. I also find a lot of inspiration from artists such as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Meatloaf for sure. I have a pretty eclectic taste though (Haha). I listen to a lot of Jazz too like Dave Brubeck Quintet, and I am a HUGE David Foster fan!



Q: What song(s) do you wish you would have written?

Matt: All of them!! (Laughter)

Andrew: Any of The Beatles songs. John Mayer is awesome! I really love his Continuum album and Room for Squares Album.

Justin: I didn’t write anything with The Como Brothers (YET! Haha) Matt and I have been kicking around some ideas while Andrew finishes school. I would have loved to work on any of the tracks especially Bad Karma and Broken. Aside from drum tracks, I also have a few percussion solos in the works for students to develop technique while still retain their personal creativity.



Q: How would you describe your music?

Matt: Our music is pop but in a rootsy songwriter’s sense. Taking into account blues, rock and acoustic music we love. We really strive to keep things organic.

Andrew: We have a bluesy pop rock sound. Of course I love my guitar so wherever I can put my touch I will.

Justin: My Music comes a lot from my emotions and I try to take my thoughts or feelings that I think a person should feel as a listener and I put them through my instrument. I took a show choir class in High School and while singing and dancing, our director always had us play a “character”, and I carried that into my playing not just drum set but all the other percussion instruments. When I am playing with the Como Brothers, I try my best to recreate what is on the tracks. A lot of other artists would just do their own thing and rewrite their own parts but I don’t worry about that because my personality and my personal groove will come through naturally.



Q: How did you get started?

Matt: Our family always would be playing music, especially our uncles and our dad when we were younger so we just wanted to be like them and join in at first. Our mom had us taking lessons we started writing our own songs and practicing our craft and we just love to do it.

Andrew: Aside from jamming with my Uncles at every family gathering and having my parents make sure I had music lessons starting with piano at age 5. In high school I was very involved in music and played in various bands. I was also George in a Beatles Tribute band. Towards the end of high school Matt and I started to take music seriously. In the beginning of 2010 we decided to formally be a band.

Justin: I actually started playing by accident haha! When I was in 4th grade, my band teacher Mr. Rosler was trying to place other kids in my grade with instruments and I really wanted the Slide Trombone or Baritone, but I was so small that my arms couldn’t move the slide down far enough! So I started to walk out rather upset and He called me back in and asked me to play back what he tapped on the desk. We did this for about 5 minutes and he said OK percussion it is. I didn’t start getting involved with music and practicing regularly until just before High School. When playing percussion, it can get very discouraging for young players just playing on a practice pad and there no real “songs” to impress anyone with, just a lot of “Musical Racket” haha. Once I started playing in the jazz band and started watching videos and playing in the Church up the street from my house on the actual instruments was when I realized that Music was what I wanted to do.



Q: How did all of the band members meet?

Matt: Well I met Andrew the day he was born in the hospital I think!

Andrew: Of course Matt I have known all my life. lol. I have known Tim since I was three years old in nursery school. We have gone through school together since including the same college. Tim has played with us in various bands. He also has a solo act as a very talented singer/song writer. I have known John since the beginning of college. He is a very talented singer/percussionist. He always sings on key and also performs in an a capella group at school. While we were auditioning drummers we met Justin through a mutual friend, Rafe.

Justin: A good friend of mine, Rafe Tangorra, had given me a call asking if I was interested in working with an up and coming band and we set up an interview for the next morning at my studio. We dove right into running tracks from their as of then Unreleased LP Still Waters. They told me they had been auditioning drummers for quite some time and after running some songs our groove as a band started molding and sounded as If we’ve been playing for years. They asked me to join before we finished packing the van. I accepted. While I still I work with other artists and groups, being part of the Como Brothers Band has been a pleasure. The rest of the band and entire family has been extremely welcoming!

Thanks for the answers, guys!

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