Ryanhood Live at Fiestas ’06

Ryanhood is an incredibly talented band that has risen to the top of the college music scene and beyond. Ryanhood is the perfect combination of high-speed, finger-flying guitar genius and insane vocal power and charisma. Ryan Green and Cameron Hood have two very different voices that compliment each other well.
In “Live at Fiestas ’06″ it is apparent that Ryan and Cameron know how to get the crowd excited and involved in their music. They have proven themselves to have true showmanship and they consistently deliver an amazing live performance. Their attention to detail shines every time they step onto the stage.
Ryan’s mandolin is the perfect addition that adds a bright new dimension. The full band shows are amazing to watch because of how they work all sorts of instruments into their back-to-the-basics, folk/acoustic songs. Their music is not too flashy, but it’s delivered with a captivating Tucson charm.

Author: Hailey

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