Q&A: Ryan Green

Here’s a Q&A with Ryan Green of Ryanhood. Ryanhood is a great band straight out of Tucson, AZ that consists of two guys with (what used to be acoustic) guitars. They took a year off of touring to write and record and they’re back at it with 20+ new songs on the way.


Q: What is your favorite part of the writing and recording process?

A: “My favorite part of the writing process is the first time I get a song to a point where I can play it from top to bottom (instead of in bits and fragments of ideas), and it officially becomes a song! My favorite part of the recording process is capturing something magic (a great guitar solo, a killer vocal take) and knowing that it will live forever, whether I ever pick up an instrument again.”


Q: How do the new songs differ from older Ryanhood songs style-wise?

A: “We finally let go of the “two guys with acoustic guitars” rule that we had been so careful to stick to for so long. This time around you might get one guy with an electric guitar, and another on a piano. Or two guys on sousaphones.”


Q: What inspired the change from acoustic to electric?

A: “I’ve always been an electric guitarist at heart, inspired by guys like Joe Satriani. It’s just been bottled up waiting to come back out, and this was the perfect time.”


Q: How did the kickstarter go? What are some of the ways you are recognizing your supporters?

A: “Our kickstarter campaign was a major success. We attempted to raise $3000 as a recording budget and managed to raise just over $10,000, which has freed us up to go above and beyond creatively, and have a budget to promote the release. In return for their support, fans are getting things like house concerts, signed CDs, and some even got to sing on the record.”


Q: What are some of your influences?

A: “Personally, instrumentalists like Joe Satriani, Bela Fleck, Chris Thile, Tim Reynolds. Some of my favorite songwriters include R.E.M., Teitur, Billy Joel, and of course The Beatles.”


Q: What is the best part of going back to touring again?

A: “It’ll be great to see friends around the country that we haven’t seen for the last year. It will also be fun having new music to inspire us, as well as old favorites to hopefully inspire our audiences.”

Thanks, Ryan!

Author: Hailey

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