Q&A: Russell Howard

Here’s a new Q&A with Russell Howard!

Q: What do you think makes a great song?

A: “In a good song, the lyrics, the phonetics, and the melody work together seamlessly. In other words: what you say, how you say it, and how it sounds become one inseparable element. That’s the craft, working towards and knowing when you’ve achieved that union. What makes a great song is a little more mystical and personal and I think has a lot to do with the listener.”
Q: Who do you admire in the music business?
A: “Pretty much everybody who has worked their way up. This is a tough, gut-busting business. At the beginning of a career in music, you get a hundred no’s for every yes. Every successful artist has pushed through that barrier, and it’s not an achievement to take lightly.”
Q: How would you describe your music?
A: “Sitting comfortably in the divide between the MTV pop singer/songwriter and the beardy KEXP folk rocker.”
Q: What song(s) do you wish you had written?
A: “I’ve always had an affinity for All At Sea by Jamie Cullum. Rains In Asia by Jump Little Children is another. And while I probably would have written a different song over them, the chords from Dead In The Water by David Gray inspire crippling jealousy.”
Q: What’s new? City Heart?
A: “City Heart is the name of the new EP which has been out for a few months now. More and more people have been connecting with the songs and it has been very gratifying to see it grow. Right now I’m embarking on an acoustic version of the record, putting together a fall tour, and writing new music. Busy, busy, busy.”
Thank you, Russell!

Author: Hailey

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