Q&A: Matt the Electrician

I got the chance to ask Matt the Electrician a few questions and I just had to share his response!


Q: What is your favorite song to cover?

A: “I like playing “big black hole”by Sean Hayes a lot, and “red right ankle” by The Decemberists…they’re both really fun songs for me to sing, although I’m not entirely sure why, other than I like the songs themselves….but I like playing all sorts of cover songs.”


Q: Is there a certain demographic you support or try to please?

A: “I guess my demographic is people that will listen to me! But other than that, not really…”


Q: How did you get started going to Japan?

A: “A man named Shuichi Iwami, who has come to Austin many times for SXSW, brought me over for the first time in 2006 after seeing me in Austin a couple of times, and he is a concert promoter near Hiroshima, Japan.”


Q: Does the Japanese audience have a different response to your music than the American audience?

A: “They do…I think that there is a language barrier for one thing, and so when I play there, I tend to do a different set than what I would do in the states…I don’t talk as much, and I don’t really do any funny songs…they tend to like the more emotive songs, or the more up-tempo songs…so they’re just reacting to the music itself, and the emotion behind it…”


Q: For people who are going to see SXSW for the first time, what is the best way to get the full experience?

A: “Don’t worry so much about trying to get into the big shows at night…even if you have a wristband, it is very hard to get into the more popular shows and bands, because there are thousands of people with badges that will fill those shows up, and you’ll be standing outside….try to see as much free music during the day on south congress, or all over town really, and if you have a wristband, at night, go see bands you’ve never heard of….That’s how I’ve always had the most fun, and discovered new bands that I hadn’t known before…”


Thank you so much for your answers, Matt!

Author: Hailey

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