Q&A: Martin Storrow (Jakob Martin)

I had the chance to see Martin Storrow (Jakob Martin) live a few times. I was extremely impressed even though I was already a fan. I was able to ask him a few questions about his music. Here is his response…
Q: Which instrument do you prefer? Why?
A: “I’m constantly curious – I think that’s why I get hooked on new instruments/new sounds all the time. As far as favorites, a lot of it depends on mood. I can play the same song on the guitar and piano with and get a completely different feel and vibe. I spend a lot of my childhood playing guitar, and lately, I’ve been enjoying getting to know the harmonica and piano better.”


Q: What song(s) do you wish you had written?
A: “I think one of the greatest things a song can do is speak to you so deeply that you feel as though you could have written it. For me, the fact that a song I love has been written in the first place is enough, regardless of who wrote it. I’ve rediscovered the Tom Waits song “The Day after Tomorrow”, and it always makes me cry, though I don’t think I would have ever written that song. But there are definitely songs out there that I feel like I could have channeled. The John Mayer song “Half of My Heart” really speaks to me. That opening line “I was born in the arms of imaginary friends” feels like something I might write. Paul Simon has written lyrical lines that give me goosebumps – the kind of lines where I’ll be driving and smack the steering wheel and say out loud in the car – ‘D**n that’s good’. Lines like, “If you want to write a song about the moon, walk along the craters of the afternoon.” D**n. Lines like that are always there, just waiting to be translated into words.”


Q: What kind of venues do you enjoy performing at the most?

A: “I like the extremes – Either the very big audiences where there’s this palpable energy surging everywhere, or the very small, intimate crowds where I can look into peoples’ eyes and sing the songs the way they were written- very intimately. I’ve stood in front of five thousand people and absolutely loved the thrill, and I’ve played for five people and felt that same excitement.”


Q: What’s new? (albums, shows/tours, new shoes?)

A: “Thanks for mentioning the footwear :) The people at Sanuk (www.sanuk.com) have been cool enough to keep me stocked up on those trademark red numbers I wear onstage, as well as some other great styles. I have pretty large feet for my height, so I figured I’d go with red and just own it. As far as music goes, I’m finishing up recording on four brand new songs that we’ll be releasing this Spring, and I’m preparing for a number of spring tour dates across the country, including my very first concert in New York City later this month. I’m also in the process of writing a book about touring. I definitely love staying busy – it keeps me creative.”


Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

A: “The music I play falls into the blues/folk/soul category, but as an artist I would say I’m always curious. I’m always experimenting with new ways to say something.”


Q: Who is you music “idol” and why?
A: “I don’t have any idols. I really respect any musician who has been able to find his or her own voice and has the courage to share it. Some writers I really admire in that respect are Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Dylan.”


Thanks for your time, Martin!

Author: Hailey

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