Martin Storrow (Jakob Martin)- Live at The Jardine-Robson Ranch

The enthusiastic opening performed by Jay Allan was a great start to the night. Having said that, I must say Jakob Martin’s follow up was better than great. His piano playing was spot-on, his vocals were insanely good, and his harmonica parts were an effective addition to his performance.
Jakob Martin’s performance was one of those rare occasions that gives the audience a whole new perspective and respect for musicians. When the musician is having a good time, so is the audience. When you see an artist that love their job as much as Martin does, it’s hard not to have fun with them.
There were several very humorous moments including Martin’s rendition of “Martin singing Dylan singing Joel” and a little bit of a name mix up. After everything was sorted out, Martin “ended” with Monsters from the 2007 release, Matches. Jay Allan was invited back for the unrehearsed encore, Long Drive Home, which started out a little rough but turned out well. All together, it was a fantastic show with a great atmosphere and a superb lineup.

Author: Hailey

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