Ryan Montbleau Band • Jay Allan

Ryan Montbleau Band • Jay Allan

The popular pair, Ryan Montbleau Band and Jay Allan, will return to the Rhythm Room to share the stage on February 1, 2016! All ages, doors at 7PM, show at 7:30. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door.

Ryan Montbleau Band

At 34, he’s a late-bloomer who’s right on time. Montbleau didn’t start singing and playing guitar in earnest until he was in college, at Villanova. Later, working at the House of Blues in Boston, he began playing solo sets there as a warmup act. His band – there’s now six of them — came together naturally, over time, planting strong roots in coffeeshops, folk venues and rock clubs before converting audiences on an outdoor festival circuit that now stretches across the country. Through word of mouth and repeat visits, the band has built a devoted following from the Northeast to Chicago, Seattle and Austin. “It’s like watching the grass grow,” says the easygoing Montbleau.

Far from feeling left out of the New Orleans sessions, his band is already feeding hungrily on the arrangements from the new album in their live sets. “We’ve done a good job staying in one direction, just moving forward,” says the singer. “We all just really want to get better. I try to instill it in the guys — if we just keep it together, good stuff is gonna continue to happen.” When the crowds are dancing, the band digs deeper in the pocket. But Montbleau, who still performs solo, is constantly looking to strike a balance between the contagious energy of moving bodies and making a closer connection.

“You can still dance and have a good time, but I love when you listen.”

Jay Allan

Jay Allan plays what is known to his fans as funky-folk, blues rock. Channeling honest passion and raw emotion through his own life and observations, he continues to gain fans and notoriety locally and nationally. He combines heartfelt and memorable lyrics with genre-bending styles and melodies in his long list of ever-evolving original songs that range from that of joy, love, loss, gratitude and searching and are often outlined with an insightful and sometimes humorous touch.

While remaining true to his own roots, Jay often pays homage to such influences as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes and far too many artists and songwriters, old and new, to name. You could say Jay relishes in the inspiration brought on by his favorite artists.

Jay Allan has been part of the recording and collaboration of eight albums with projects such as Delcoa, Nameless Prophets, Jay and Ash, Rebus and his most recent venture, Jay Allan & The Uncommon Good. He has shared the studio and stage with countless acts including Michael Franti & Spearhead, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Martin Sexton, Tony Lucca, and many more.