Q&A: Ernie Halter

I had a couple of questions for one of my favorite musicians, Ernie Halter. Here is what he had to say.


Q: What spiked your interest in music?

A: “My older brothers were constantly exposing me to music at a young age. Before pre-school, my favorite records were The Who, Billy Joel, The Beatles, and Brit-Pop group Squeeze.”


Q: When you are writing a song, who is your target audience?

A: “Technically, my audience tends to lean toward women 18-35. But its a bit of the chicken / egg thing. The songs I’ve written in the past, attract a certain audience. So my music dictates what type of fans I have. But I also am aware of who I’m writing for and what resonates with them, and in this way my music is also affected by my audience. But above all I write from personal experience.”


Q: Are there any covers you like to sing live?

A: “Lots actually. I enjoy taking a popular song and not just copying it, but rearranging it. Recreating something new with it. I’ve covered anything from Bob Marley, Alicia Keys, Baby Bash, and The Beatles. My newest record Franklin & Vermont includes “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze, and a rendition of Coldplay’s “In My Place”, arranged for ukulele, cello, and voice.”


Q: What/where is your favorite venue to play at and what makes it stand out?

A: “There are so many favorites its hard to pick. Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette Louisiana is pretty fun. Its on a wooden porch, with an open air vibe. The decor is straight bayou, complete with road signs that say “Henderson Swamp” riddled with shotgun holes. You really have to be there to appreciate it.”


Thanks a million, Ernie!

Author: Hailey

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