Q&A: Eric Schackne

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Q: When were you first interested in music? What piqued your interest?

A: “Well when I started playing piano at age five I can only assume it was my Dad’s forcing me to do so. But I just loved playing, and quickly grew to create my own pieces the first chance I got. And just going to shows and seeing how much fun everyone on stage was having was enough to get me itching to perform in front of people.”

Q: What is your favorite song to cover? Why?

A: “I recently did this pop punk-y cover of M83’s hit, “Midnight City.” It’s the first song where I switch from piano to guitar mid-song, and it’s a lot of fun playing it live. I also do this acoustic piano cover of a Britney Spears song that I’m pretty proud of. It’s the kind of cover where you’re like “man this song is great, it sounds so familiar. Oh man, is this Britney Spears? …how do I know that when I don’t listen to that stuff…”

Q: What/where is your favorite venue to play at and what makes it stand out?

A: “So far, one of the best venues I’ve ever played was Velour in Provo, Utah. The first time I played there, the place was just packed with kids all into the music. I took some photos with people after the show and some kid even gave me a dollar tip in a very genuine sort of way.”

Q: What song(s) do you wish you had written?

A: “We Are Young” by FUN. Everyone loves that [dang] song. Even people who hate that song love that song.”

Q: What’s new?

A: “I just released my sophomore record, Hammers & Strings EP wherein I wrote, played and produced the whole EP top to bottom. I’ve also got an acoustic EP in the works that I’m pretty proud of because of where my music has come since H&S EP. Go, listen, I’d love to share it with you -http://EricRockMusic.bandcamp.com

Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

A: “Pretty cute for a funny-looking guy. Um, eclectic with a five-o’clock shadow? I’m a punk rock Ben Folds. Sometimes I make jokes. Other times, I am being serious.”

Q: Of all of the songs you have written, which one means the most to you and why?

A: “This is a toughy. All of my lyrics are painfully personal, so this is sort of like having to choose a most important moment in your life. Musically, I’d have to say that an older song, “Sydney” was notably my first hit amongst my friends. “Sydney” was the first song to be requested by an audience member I suppose. (Please don’t tell my other songs that I said all of this!)”

Thanks, Eric!

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