Q&A: Brian Chartrand

(A Q&A with Brian from The Sweet Remains and Ten Dollar Outfit).
Brian was kind enough to answer a few questions I had for him.


Q: If you had to choose a quote to describe what motivates you day to day, what would it be?

A: “What motivates me… I once asked a friend in the music biz how he “made it.” And after a couple seconds he said, “Look. There are many ways to build a ladder. So go out and build your ladder.” I wrote that line on the wall in my apartment and it reminds me everyday that there is no one way to do anything. You need to find the way that makes sense for you and makes you happy.”


Q: When were you first interested in music? What piqued your interest?

A: “Music was THE first thing I was interested as a kid. Long before I knew how to play an instrument, music inspired me. There was something magical about it that immediately pulled me in.”


Q: What other musicians have you met that you admire?

A: “The closest I got to meeting some of my all time favorite musicians (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker) was playing the side stage at Cricket Pavilion before their show in 2006. I never did meet them though…”


Q: What is your favorite song to cover?

A: “I cover a lot of songs actually. But I really only like to cover tunes that I can make my own and that leave the crowd thinking ‘where do I know that song?’ I do everything from contemporary stuff like Justin Timberlake to classic singer/songwriter like James Taylor to odd 80′s tunes by the Eurythmics, Prince, Howard Jones, and Duran Duran.”


Thanks for the great answers, Brian!

Author: Hailey

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