Brendan James Live at The Rhythm Room 6/16/10

Green-Brendan James (video)

Brendan is amazing live! Just his sound check was great. His piano skills are incomparable and his voice is so mellow and engaging. His fingers are moving so fast it’s hard to see or even believe . It’s good to see he has new material and from what I have heard it sounds great. His new songs are upbeat and catchy, the few I’ve heard have been stuck in my head for days.

Here’s your chance to hear something from Brendan’s new CD which is coming out Sept. 7th. Download “Stupid for Your Love” for free here:

His new drummer was awesome and easily adapted to any request whether rehearsed or not. I love the drums in the mix. His cover of “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx was much better than the original without a doubt, and very unexpected. His music seems effortless yet so complex.

The show was high energy, Brendan and Freddie weren’t just singing or performing, they were entertaining. He blew everyone away and I am sure he now has many new fans after that show.

Author: Hailey

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