Hello! I’m a concert promoter, band marketer, web designer, free thinker, Thirst Buster addict, rink dweller, hockey fan, baby-faced storyteller, reenactor of unspectacular events, an event planner, ex-librarian, Ariel lookalike, and THE Fruit Ninja. Voted most likely to survive the “Hunger Games” and rule the world. Watch out.


          Every summer, I take on a new project to keep myself from going crazy with all of the down time. When I was 11 years old, I started CD Blender, which at first was just another project. My goal was to learn how to make a website. The subject matter, at the time, was irrelevant. I loved music and went to concerts regularly, but with my serious lack of musical talent, I had never thought getting involved was an option. I needed content for the site, so I started sending out short Q&A’s and writing reviews for a couple shows I attended. Although I am NOT a writer, I received unexpected responses from some crazy cool people that were more than willing to answer questions.

          I started piecing things together and after a few summers of learning how to use a scroll saw, redecorating my room, and painting shoes, I made planning and promoting a concert my project and I haven’t stopped since. Over the past 4 years, promoting concerts has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible people in and out of the music business. I now continue promoting concerts, planning  other events, and making websites among other things. If you want to chat about a possible event, need a website, care to share your music suggestions, would like to hear my hockey rants, or just want me to tell you a good story, email me at theblender@cdblender.com.